Belper Spiritualist Church Services

Our Services:

Mondays:             2.00pm Service & Also 7.30pm Healing Service.

Wednesdays:       Wednesday 7.00pm Open Circle. With Carolyn Allsopp CSNU

Thursdays:           Specials/Socials As Arranged.

Saturdays:           Special Events As Advertised.

Sundays:             6.30pm Divine Service.

Thursdays once a Month:             Open Platform -
Anyone can take part by either poetry, mediumship, philosophy or anything spiritual. Doors open at 7pm to start at 7.30pm, there is a raffle and refreshments after.
Thursday March 9th, Thursday May 18th, Thursday June 15th, Thursday July 20th, Thursday 14th September, Thursday 12th October, Thursday 16th November


Jan & Feb

Sunday 16th Peter Barry
Monday 17th Beverly Barlow
Sunday 22nd Christopher Page
Monday 23rd Jean Crilley
Sunday 29th Kim Spencer & Andy Solecki
Monday 30th Steven Francis

Sunday 5th David Bruton (AGM)
Monday 6th Ivan Litchfield
Sunday 12th Rob & Stacey Deacon
Monday 13th Helen Harris
Sunday 19th Stuart Hamilton
Monday 20th Graham Lymer
Sunday 26th Carolyn Allsopp
Monday 27th Nora Watson  

Jul & Aug

JULY 2017
Sunday 2nd Lisa Bonito-Day
Monday 3rd Graham Lymer
Sunday 9th Danny Lewis
Monday 10th Alan Knows
Sunday 16th Stuart Hamilton
Monday 17th Beverly Barlow
Sunday 23rd Susan Smith & Tracy Chapman
Monday 24th Sandra Downs
Sunday 30th Jean Crilley
Monday 31st John Stamford

Sunday 6th Julie Mitchell
Monday 7th Elizabeth Goddard
Sunday 13th June Jardine
Monday 14th Lucy Watts
Sunday 27th John Stamford
Monday 28th BANK HOLIDAY

Mar & Apr

MARCH 2017
Sunday 5th Sandy Ann Liddle
Monday 6th Andrew Roberts
Sunday 12th Pietro Politano
Sunday 13th Elizabeth Goddard
Sunday 19th Linda Ferguson & Martin Roberts
Monday 20th Kim Spencer & Andy Solecki
Sunday 26th Bernicia Tongue
Monday 27th John Stamford

APRIL 2017
Sunday 2nd Brenda Simpson
Monday 3rd Sandra Downs
Sunday 9th Rob & Stacey Deacon
Monday 10th TBA
Sunday 16th EASTER Julie Mitchell
Monday 17th BANK HOLIDAY
Sunday 23rd Karen Boulton
Monday 24th Allisson Worsnop Lugg
Sunday 30th Graham Lymer

Sep & Oct

Sunday 3rd Rob & Stacy Deacon
Monday 4th TBA
Sunday 10th Brenda Simpson
Monday 11th Christopher Page
Sunday 17th HARVEST Carolyn Allsopp
Monday 18th Andrew Roberts
Sunday 24th Steven Francis
Monday 25th Kim Spencer & Andy Solecki

Sunday 1st Rosemary Measures
Monday 2nd Sandra Downs
Sunday 8th Elizabeth Goddard
Monday 9th John Stamford
Sunday 15th Jean Crilley
Monday 16th Julie Mitchell
Sunday 22nd Karen Boulton
Monday 23rd TBA
Sunday 29th Paul & Tracy Norton
Monday 30th Alan Knows

May & Jun

MAY 2017
Sunday 7th Ivan Litchfield
Monday 8th Jean Crilley
Sunday 14th Rosemary Measures
Monday 15th Carolyn Allsopp
Sunday 21st Paul & Tracy Norton
Monday 22nd Lucy Watts
Sunday 28th Lorine McDonald
Monday 29th BANK HOLIDAY

JUNE 2017
Sunday 4th Alan Knows
Monday 5th Julie Mitchell
Sunday 11th Peter Barry
Monday 12th Nora Watson
Sunday 18th ANNIVERSARY Graham Lymer
Monday 19th Kim Spencer & Andy Solecki
Sunday 25th Julie & John Lilley
Monday 26th June Jardine

Nov & Dec

Sunday 5th Susan Smith & Tracy Chapman
Monday 6th Carolyn Allsopp
Sunday 12th Sandy Ann Liddle
Monday 13th Allison Worsnop Lugg
Sunday 19th Meryle Cunnliffe
Monday 20th Nora Watson
Sunday 26th Kim Spencer & Andy Solecki
Monday 27th Shaz Shanti Taylor

Sunday 3rd Helen Harris
Monday 4th Beverly Barlow
Sunday 10th Danny Lewis
Monday 11th Andrew Roberts
Sunday 17th Alan Knows
Monday 18th TBA